about better skateboarding

Better Skateboarding is helping to change the expectations about the way a wheel should perform and last despite all you put it through.

We are three guys who wanted better skateboard wheels. The wheel we wanted was one that performed better, lasted longer and cost less than the big brand wheels.

We worked through hundreds of experimentations as the goal became more like an obsession. First attempts were like rocks with bearings in them. We wanted to make the wheels have better bounce but we over did it. Those ones were like super balls on trucks. As we adjusted everyone started telling us that the feel was better and the wheels were harder to flatspot than the wheels they were currently riding.

In the end, the new type of urethane that we have combined with a unique casting process make a truly "better" product. All of the wheels are classic shaped 49 - 54mm and test with a durometer at about 102A (but they really do feel like 98 or 99).

So, we got excited and we started a web site called Better Skateboarding. Now we find ourselves among a community of small skate companies and the feeling is incredible. You really can create something and bring it to the skaters.