You Design It. You Ride It.

Create Your Custom Design Skateboard Wheels Now!

Better Skateboarding Custom Wheel Designer
Better Skateboarding Custom Wheel Designer
Better Skateboarding Custom Wheel Designer
Better Skateboarding Custom Wheel Designer

Now everyone can have their own signature wheel.

Better Custom Skateboard Wheels Designs Are Great For:
- Contest Giveaways
- Custom Branding
- Skate Shop Wheels
- Themed Skateboard Setups
   - Special Events
   - Teams or Clubs
   - Promotional Events
   - Showing off your style



Since 2007 Better Skateboarding has been dedicated to constant improvement. Skating. Community. Life. Better is not a boast - it's a goal.

The wheel we set out to create was one that performed better, lasted longer and cost less than the big brand wheels. And we did it.

Once we got the formula right we thought, "what else can we do to make this even better for skaters?"

That's when we came up with the Better Custom Wheel Lab. Now all skaters can have their own signature wheel, still save money and skate a great wheel. Give it a try now.

Thanks to everyone for the constant support. We hope you have some fun with the new custom wheel designer!


*Shipping is FREE within the USA for up to 6 items.

Canada shipping is $13.50 for up to 6 items.

Worldwide shipping is $17.50 for up to 6 items.

Most orders are filled in less that one week. Custom print please allow up to 4 weeks.


Fewer flatspots, longer lasting and a better ride. We hear it all about Better Skateboard Wheels all the time.

Don't take our word for it - listen to real skaters from ALL over the globe.

Better Skateboard Wheels offer a unique ride, extra durability and superior value. Try them out.

See reviews from Better customers.


We've begun to assemble what we hope will grown in to a massive library of skate tricks and the tutorials on mastering your skills.
Drop in a take a look - learn something new. If you've got tips and tricks to share with the Better Skateboarding community - let us know. Check it out.
Learn to skate better.